Katsuma Paris Bizarre Adventure / Picture Book Project

The first part of this work is an illustration project. I have found a lot of things in the city of Paris that are not noticed by people. For example, garbage and dirty things. I use a fountain pen to draw them down.

The second part is a editorial project. I have compiled a story for everything I have drawn. And created a virtual magical world, and a virtual character from this world, Katsuma. Tell the story of each item in Katsuma’s tone. This book is my first attempt at a picture book project. 

Genesis of noodles Installation Art Project and Editorial Project

Humans created lines with dots. Just like we created noodles with flour. Create a surface with lines. The surface creates space by turning. This series of changes creates a flow of time. With time and space to create life. Then, life creates the history and the culture and the civilization of the universe. Like the big bang theory. An explosion of dot created the universe. This is the genesis of noodles. This project is made by pasta.

The first part of this work is a project of installation art. Use the soft spaghetti as the base, make the desired shape, and wait until the spaghetti are air-dried, fix it with polyepoxide. 

The second part is a editorial project. All pages are printed on the same sheet of paper and folded to become a small book.

“About Paper” Illustrator Project

A project that uses simple illustrations to express the relationship between paper and our lives. 

The main theme of this project is to explore the importance of paper in our lives and the significance of the presence of paper. With this in mind I created a series of black and white illustrations. Modern people use computers, mobile phones and other electronic products. They forget that paper is a great creation in the era of underdeveloped technology. This project is intended to evoke people’s interest in paper products, but also to make people understand the importance of paper waste.

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